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Bleaching is a very conservative and non-invasive approach for creating a brighter and more appealing smile.There are two traditionally used methods for bleaching: at-home and in-office.

At-Home Method

A custom mouthpiece or “tray” is made in the dental office to fit your teeth. This tray fits over the teeth and holds the bleaching material against the teeth for a specified period of time. There are different concentrations of bleach that are worn via the tray for 1-2 hours per day for an average of 7 to 10 days.
With the old systems the teeth used to become sensitive, and a “desensitizing” gel was used to deal with the problem. Today we provide bleaching gels with integrated desensitizing and re-mineralizing ingredients. Clinical trials show that with this combination, teeth become not only whiter but actually stronger (higher mineralized). That means, the fear of damaging your tooth structure is in the past – at least with this specific whitening system.
Results are usually excellent with this method and the trays can be used again in the future.

In-Office Method (Power Bleaching)

We will cover your gum tissues to protect them from being irritated by a higher concentration of the bleaching material. The bleach would be activated by a high intensity light to accelerate the process. Most patients require a touch-up after one to three years, depending on the patient’s habits.