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Case of the Month

Case 1: Full mouth reconstruction

Patient presented unhappy with her smile. Chief complaint was discoloration, crooked teeth, unaesthetic tooth shape, uneven gum line, old porcelain crown mismatching color and shape. Patient felt uncomfortable smiling.
We did full reconstruction of the smile with combination of porcelain veneers and crowns. Mild gum surgery was needed to align the gum level on both sides after removing the old crown. All this work was done pain-free – using oral sedation, copious amount of anesthetics and prophylactic painkillers.

Case 2: Invisalign

This patient wanted to correct the position of the upper front teeth which were quite protruded. She refused to wear braces so Invisalign clear removable braces was the alternative. Gentle periodontal gum therapy and tooth reshaping (sculpting) was performed. The esthetic improvement was significant as seen on the picture. The new smile reflected on patient’s self-confidence – often seen as a “side-effect” of esthetic dental procedures. The final result is the patient’s own aligned teeth. This type of treatment can also be combined with instant final tooth shape adjustment, or porcelain veneers – if the shape/color is unsatisfactory.

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