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Cosmetic dentistry

The Center for Advanced Dentistry offers personalized and individualized dental care with the intention to meet the highest requirements for esthetics, function and safety in dentistry. Our office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, with support offices in UK and USA.

We perform exclusive and special dentistry which is based on scientific evidence with a scent of art and creativity.

Our team has collaborated for years with leading American and European cosmetic dentists. We apply the latest technology, knowledge and diligence to transform an average into gorgeous smile.

Bernard Baruch said “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. We are proud to be most versatile in services and apply multi-specialty treatment approach. This allows us to plan and execute cosmetic dentistry in the best possible way. We offer modern solutions hard to find in Eastern Europe – Invisalign clear removable braces; ultra-thin no-prep veneers (Lumineers); DaVinci veneers; capillary fusion of Gold-Palladium alloy core layered with porcelain ( Captek crown); smile lift procedure; minimally invasive implant dentistry; case-specific implants; metal-free dentistry (implants and crowns entirely made of white Zirconium oxide ceramic).

In our approach to cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry we tend to look at the big picture and envision the end results first. Then we would work backwards to create a path (treatment plan) which leads to your dream smile. The goal can be achieved by taking different paths (treatment options) to the same destination. Sometimes the shortest path is the best, and sometimes it is not. It’s a matter of communication and informed decision making to take the right path. The opposite would lead to similarities with the old Indian fable.

Residents of New York NYC, New Jersey NJ, Pennsylvania PA and Connecticut CT please visit our local website

From all other locations, please use the QUOTE link or call for information, consultation or an appointment at:
888.662.8959 (USA)
0207.993.8357 (UK)
+359.897.300.297 (Bulgaria and rest of the world)

To read more about each cosmetic dental procedure click at the “other dental services” link below.

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