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Full mouth reconstruction – total teeth replacement – complete cosmetic dental reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction aims to restore the dentition with prosthetic construction (crowns or bridge) over existing natural teeth, over implants, or both.Total teeth replacement with full implants and fixed bridges is illustrated in the “dental implants” section.

Cosmetic dental reconstruction with porcelain veneers and crowns placed over natural teeth can be seen as one of the “case of the month” at the bottom of this page.

A mixed case – complete mouth reconstruction over natural teeth and implants – is pictured as one of our full mouth reconstruction cases here. Being advocates of conservative dentistry, we placed short implants instead of bone grafting for standard size implants. The treatment also involved “smile lift” – crown lengthening gum surgery of the upper and lower front teeth, to create length and compensate for the short-looking teeth without changing the vertical dimension of the bite. Keeping the bite unchanged maintained the comfort of the TMJ (jaw joint). The arch was restored with two half-roundhouse constructions.

Please note: textbook rule is that teeth and implants should not be splinted together in a straight-line construction. This, however, is not necessarily true when restoring whole arch (the effect of cross-arch stabilization). Hence our claim, that we are able to provide traditional as well as original, creative, less invasive and more biocompatible dental solutions for simple and complex cases in dentistry.

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