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Dental Implant removal

Implant removal service is offered in unfortunate situations that no longer justify saving a dental implant.

Dentistry was revolutionized by the application of implanted fixtures as a root replacement anchorage for stable non-removable dental prostheses. However, in rare situations, the implant may require removal. The most common reasons are:
1) implant fracture: it occurs due to one or a combination of the following:

  • material fatigue
  • pure titanium implants which are more fragile than alloys
  • single tooth mini implants (too narrow to carry full load individually, with some exceptions)
  • poor implant design with walls at the implant-abutment interface that are too narrow
  • zirconium implants placed under unfavorable angulation, over drilled or too narrow to use in the specific tooth location

2) abutment fracture – when removal of the abutment or the abutment screw is impossible

3) periimplantitis with poor prognosis

4) implant placed in less than optimal position, creating esthetic or functional issues

5) titanium implants creating unfavorable adverse reactions, such as allergy, chronic fatigue syndrome, immune system alterations, neurological conditions etc. In this case, replacement with nonmetal zirconia implants is offered as an alternative