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Dental Implants in Sofia Bulgaria

Dental implants are titanium roots fused to the jawbone to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement. Dental implants look, feel and function just like natural teeth.

The collaboration of cosmetic dentists, oral surgeon, periodontist and prosthodontist in our team is the key for success in placing dental implants. Extensive training and experience in dental implants and bone regeneration allows us to complete most challenging cases otherwise doomed to dentures for life.

Along with the standard most successful dental implant systems (Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer, Spectra, Imtec) there is more to offer…

(ceramic implants)

ZIRCONIA implants have been available on the European market for years.

The Zirconia dental implants are made of special ceramic (Zirconium oxide, ZrO2) that is used in the spaceships because of its high resistance to fracture and heat. These metal free ceramic dental implants give great advantages to the patients:

HOLISTIC: It is no longer necessary to implant titanium or any other metal to have fixed teeth.
AESTHETIC: The white color of zirconia substitutes the metallic appearance of titanium. The dark lines around the gum line disappears.
HYGIENIC: zirconium retains less plaque and calculus than titanium, therefore promoting healthier gums.


In July 2006 our team introduced for first time in Eastern Europe the revolutionary Innova Endopore dental implant system designed for highly deficient bone. Thanks to its microporous structure, the Endopore is fused within the bone, rather than screwed in it. Sufficient strength is achieved even with implants as short as 5 mm and bone level as high as 3 mm.
If you were told that your sinus is too low or the nerves are too close to have implants placed, it is time to reevaluate your options. Use our “Request a quote” service to ask questions and upload pictures/ x-rays.


If you are tired of wearing dentures and frustrated of placing denture glue 3 times a day, this is your permanent solution. Fixed porcelain teeth over implants will bring back the quality of life you deserve. We can even shape your teeth the way they looked 20 years ago � just bring a photo of your smile.
When teeth are lost, supporting bone is lost as well. The longer there is no function (tooth) the more bone is lost – “form follows function” law. Full arch implants will direct the force deep into the jawbone, thus exercising it and preventing further bone loss. So we would not only restore the function of chewing but also slow down the aging of the face.
In many cases teeth can be restored with the immediate implant loading protocol – the popular TEETH IN A DAY, or TEETH IN AN HOUR procedure. Full arch splinting provides highest success rate.


There is a saying that “Good dental implants aren’t cheap and cheap dental implants aren’t good.” We can provide the best of both worlds. Quality dental implants can be offered at affordable fees due to the low cost maintenance of a dental office in Eastern Europe, as well as the possibility of a “factory direct” supply that we managed to establish. Thus, you would avoid the possible risk of having low-cost-questionable-quality titanium inserts which can turn into a bad investment in your dental health.

Residents of New York NYC, New Jersey NJ, Pennsylvania PA and Connecticut CT please visit our local website

Metal-free implants available now in our new office in Chicago, Illinois – call 888.662.8959 to schedule an appointment. Coming soon to Los Angeles LA, California – call for update.

From all other locations, please use the QUOTE link or call for information, consultation or an appointment at the numbers below. Recommendations and contacts of patients who visited our office from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Italy, France, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand etc. are available upon request. If you would like to co-ordinate the treatment with your referring dentist please provide the appropriate dentist information. Thank you.

888-662-8959 (USA)
0207-993-8357 (UK)
359-897-300-297 (BUL)

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