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Dental tourism, dental vacation or how to find dentist abroad

Holiday Dentistry is dedicated to help tourists and patients looking for quality dentistry abroad. Dental tourism is growing not only due to the cost factor, but also to save time, avoid wait lists and receive more personalized, “VIP” care. The equipment, materials and technology used in this office are the latest generation and best brands on the market. The quality of service is guaranteed by careful selection of dentists and specialists.

Enjoy a week vacation and come back with a new smile!

We offer USA and UK – based consults and support for the dental work performed in Sofia, Bulgaria. That does make a difference!

We are service-oriented dental tourism business. After a few years of heavy advertising, we have decreased our advertisement budget to zero and currently operate by word of mouth, personal referrals and organic internet search. The time has proven that satisfaction coming from personalized customer care is much more rewarding than volume work at any cost.

Call us at:

+18886628959 in USA

+442079938357 in UK

+359897300297 in Bulgaria

Holiday Dentistry has traditions in providing standard as well as original, creative, less invasive and more biocompatible dental solutions for local, nationwide and international patients. Recommendations and contacts of people who visited our dental practice from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Seychelles, Australia, New Zealand and others, are available upon request.

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