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Dr Veselin Georgiev – dental implants in Bulgaria – Sofia

  • holds a dual DDS degree
  • a licensed dentist in Europe and United States.
  • received his US training in NYU College of Dentistry.
  • has been in practice since 1999 when graduated the Dental School of Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Coming from a family of dentists, Veselin has been exposed early to the professional field. His father was the Dental Clinic Director if the hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs – Sofia. His mother is still an actively practicing dentist in Sofia, Bulgaria. From his parents Veselin learned not to judge other dentist’s work because one cannot know under what circumstances the dentist have performed their dentistry.

Veselin has been active in communicating, learning and collaborating with the most prominent dentists in New York City, Europe and Asia. Without aiming for it, he has been naturally attracted towards interaction with dentists that make history in their specialty or scope of work. Veselin often refers to his mentors and is grateful to all of those who have inspired him and guided him to become who he is.

The Center for Advanced Dentistry is a dental practice that along with general dentistry, focuses on highly specialized dental procedures. Patients from all over the world have visited for:

  • cosmetic reconstructions
  • zirconium ceramic implants
  • flapless surgical procedures
  • sinus lifts and it’s alternatives
  • bone reconstruction using patient’s own blood-derived growth factors and limited amount of stem cells, for fast and predictable bone formation
  • bone-sparing vibrational piezo surgery (vs drills)
  • custom-made implants
  • minimally invasive dentistry.

Dental phobia – fear from the dentist – is a problem that prevents many patients from achieving their dream smile. The convenient way is “sleep dentistry” – IV sedation with a specialist anesthesiologist. Although this is a valid option available here, it does carry certain risks. In this office, taking a different approach is preferred: one-on-one desensitizing and eliminating the fear by changing the stereotype image of “the dentist”. It is not uncommon for a patient of ours to fall asleep on the chair, while having a dental procedure performed. Using a personal touch, interaction, humanity, common sense, skills, attention to details, research and technology, we provide the least harming, yet the most esthetic dentistry that is possible to experience today.

Referrals, feedback and contacts of patients from around the globe (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Bahrain, Seychelles etc.) are available upon request.

Organization membership:
Academy of Osseointegration
FDI World Dental Federation
American Dental Association
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Bulgarian Dental Association